Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Late Notice: Special Dan Crary Concert

Well, one of the worst things about trying to make a living out of town is the loss of time in front of my own computer, in my own office, with a guitar or banjo nearby to keep the creative juices flowing, and the rest of the world at bay. I did manage to let the Grandma's Farm list know about Dan Crary coming to Winfield in time for them to actually attend, but I should have posted it here back when the KAAA Newsletter came out with the announcement. Hopefully, I'll get into the flow a little better as time goes on.

So, it's later tonight as I write this that Mr. Crary will be giving a special concert in honor of Stu Mossman in Richardson Hall at Southwestern College. I still fantasize about splitting from the whole paying the bills thing and driving the 300 miles to be able to experience this historic occasion. The concert is in collaboration with the current exhibit: New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music, at the Winfield Public Library. The concert is from 7-9 on April 9th, and the cost is $5. There will be a jam at Baden Square, 700 Gary, following the concert. Everyone is encouraged to bring their Mossman guitars. The exhibit itself is a must-see for anyone with connections to the Mid-West music scene, and the concert would be sublime for anyone that loves that flat piece of plastic ripping up those wires stretched over that huge box. This is also part of an on-line history project and photo exhibit called Stu Mossman & His Guitars. : . The good folks at the Winfield Library are encouraging people to log into the blog and send them photographs and/or stories of either Stuart or any of his guitars.

If you'll remember, Richardson Hall is where it all began with Bill Koch's opening lecture at the Southwestern Folk Festival in April of 1967. And Dan Crary, of course, has been central to everything that has happened in the Walnut Valley since then, beginning with that amazing performance with David Bromberg in the fall of '71. Flatpicking a guitar hasn't been the same since, nor has that little burgh on the Walnut River.

Furthermore, Barry Brown, who directed Stu (along with David Carradine) in his movie Cloud Dancer, is also coming this week. He is making a documentary on Stu with the Carradine brothers and Scott Baxendale. How awesome is that?

I'm hoping for full reports from several folks that I'm sure will be in attendance. Over 50 Mossman guitars are expected to be booming at the jam. If I can find a hill down here in north Texas, I'll climb on top of it and listen for maybe a faint resonance bouncing off the Arbuckle Mountains, rattling across the Red River, and assuring me that this music that I love will never die.

Carry on, Dan, Stu, and all the rest. And thanks.


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