Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Prehistoric String Band

O.K. I know a lot of you have been sitting on your hands through most of my ramblings, which is fine - if I needed comments to carry on I would have quit long ago. But it would be beyond cool if some old Southwestern students could figure out the personnel of this premier, prehistoric Walnut Valley string band.

I have reason to believe that this photograph was taken by Murl Webster, who worked at The Courier at the time. He may also have taken the ones of Pat and Victoria Garvey, and the one of Jimmy Driftwood on stage with the young folk music culprits. As I have mentioned, he had a great two-page photo spread after the festival, on May 1st, 1967. It would be incredible if someone out there had these pages in a scrapbook somewhere, so everyone could see them. One of them is a campground pickin' party that for anyone from around that time would be another trip through memory lane identifying the faces around the fire.

These have been some excellent photographic moments from that first festival, starting back on 10/16 , but I've been saving my favorite for last. If it's true that every picture tells a story, this next picture is at least a book worth reading on a cold night when camping out along some Kansas river is just a cruel memory.


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