Saturday, September 1, 2007

Art Eskridge sang railroad blues in the Jimmie Rodgers style

Charlie Cloud told stories from the Chautauqua circuit

Also performing in '71,but not pictured, were the Blue Grass Country Boys from Belle Plaine, Kansas, and The Arkansawyers, from Mountain View, Arkansas. All photos so far are from the 1972 Moundbuilder, whose photographers for that year were David McMullin, Jim Banks, and Bill Stephens. Thanks, guys.

Oh Yeah, the couple from Thursday's post. That was Pat and Victoria Garvey, extraordinary songwriters from Sante Fe, New Mexico. There will be more about them in a little while - not only because they're awesome, but because they are also a link to the first folk festival in the Walnut Valley, some say the first in the Midwest - the Southwestern Folk Festival, April 28-30, 1967.

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