Monday, September 3, 2007

The treasure's not the takin', it's the lovin' of the game

Pat and Victory Garvey were a study in opposites, he with his shaved head and drooping mustache, she with her dainty face and raven-black hair. Then there were his high harmonies over her exquisite melody lines, and his ability to use really incredible words in songs, and make them work, like "lambent moon" or "frost and ague". The title of their second album "songs: 1965 - 1971" pretty much describes the length of their relationship, I think, but in that time they made two albums of songs both plaintive and subtly humorous. Here's one of the best song titles ever: "It's Quite A Lovely Painting, Mrs. Custer, I'm Sorry Things Turned Out That Way For George".

"The Lovin' Of The Game" is a true gem of a song, and has been recorded by several other artists, most notably Steve Goodman on "Somebody Else's Troubles", with guitar work by, hmmm, David Bromberg. And their 1968 album on Epic, "Mr. & Mrs. Garvey", featured the guitar work of one Charlie Daniels.

Also, in a true and just world, their song, "Song For Kansas", would be the Kansas State song. Here is the chorus:

"And the calf will fall aborning
on the gleaming soil of morning
white and blinded by the dung
that grows the flowers of the cottonwood
where meadowlarks will perch and pierce the air,
until their song is sung"

The melody is every bit as perfect as the poetry. Come by the KAAA booth from 5-7 on Thursday and Friday and I'll sing it for you.

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Clay Eals said...

Good to see your post referencing the stellar version of "Lovin' of the Game" recorded by Steve Goodman. He often doesn't get his due. Thought you might be interested in an eight-year project of mine that has come to fruition -- an 800-page biography of Goodman published in May, "Steve Goodman: Facing the Music." The book delves into the background of "Lovin' of the Game" and includes quotes from Pat Garvey. Please check my Internet site below for more info on the book. Just trying to spread the word. Feel free to do the same!

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