Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A note about photos

All of the photos from the '71 festival (posted 8/31 through 9/3), were photocopied from a hard copy of the 1972 "Moundbuilder", the Southwestern College yearbook. Most likely they were taken by Bill Stephens. The quality would be a little better if the Memorial Library scanners had been working. The only exception is the lovely shot of Pat and Victory Garvey posted on 9/3. This is the picture that the student newspaper, "The Collegian" ran on October 22, 1971, the day before the festival. No one credited photographers back then. Michael Totty might know something about it. This one, and all of the photos from yesterday and today were scanned and printed from microfilm readers, hence the horrible quality. When I find hard copies of these I will reload better images.

The photos of Mance Lipscomb, Jimmie Driftwood, and Doc Watson, all accompanied articles from "The Winfield Daily Courier" run on consecutive days during the '67 festival. The Mance photo might have been from the Southwestern show, as it ran on Saturday the 29th, and he played on Friday. Jimmie and Doc are obviously promo shots, which the one of Pat and Victoria may be as well. The photograph of Merle Watson is from the Merlefest website.

There was also a great post-festival spread that the Courier ran on Monday May, 1, with photographs by Murl Webster. The scans are so horrible that I can't post them. As soon as I get my hands on a hardcopy of the Winfield Courier from May 1, 1967, I'll post a great shot of what may very well be the first Winfield picking session. Please leave comment if you have the same and would trust me not to abuse it between you and a copy machine.

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