Friday, September 7, 2007

Back to the College one more time

In my post from last weekend titled "Walnut Valley Folk Festival", I asserted that the idea of a flat-picking championship was borne in the fall of 1971 from two superlative flatpickers dueling it out on stage like Miles Davis and Red Rodney. The following picture, of Bromberg and Crary on stage together at Stewart Gymnasium, is the same shot that I photocopied from the Southwestern yearbook, The Moundbuilder, and posted last week. Then I found it again in the "Courier", with a little wider crop that lets us see at least part of Bromberg's guitar, and a caption. So, at least the caption writer for that edition appears to agree with me.

Next, I'm going to start on another question I asked early on: What are all these incredible people doing in Kansas?

Many of you already know.

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